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    Smoked Recipe With Buttermilk You Should Try At Home

    There are many ways to cook food like grilling, baking, barbequing but the way I like most of my food cooked is smoked. I love smoked food and it is my first priority to smoke everything that I want to eat, I love cooking and I love smoked recipes. Today I am going to tell you about the best smoked Fried Chicken breast that my mother used to make for us in my childhood. This recipe is not just special because it is smoked but also because it has another my favorite ingredient which is buttermilk.
    Buttermilk is an underrated ingredient and many people who don’t share the same love of cooking like me don’t know the richness of flavor it adds to your dish and more than that it makes our today’s dish more tender and juicy, it is the left behind liquid after churning out butter out of milk it is very rich in flavor and very healthy. It just not make good food but also drinking it after a meal helps you digest your food more easily.

    Chicken breast 1 kg
    Butter Milk Half Cup
    Salt 2ts
    Pepper 2ts
    Flour half kg
    Eggs 4
    Garlic as you want
    Onion as you want
    Ginger as you want
    Parsley half cup
    Vegetable oil 1 kg
    Siracha Sauce
    Mayonnaise 1Cup

    First of all make a paste of Ginger, onion, and garlic in a blender, now add salt and pepper in it according to your taste. Now make small pieces of chicken breast and mix it with the garlic ginger paste that we made earlier and keep it in the refrigerator for the next 30 minutes to marinate properly. Now mix Mayonnaise with Siracha sauce to make a sauce which will add some kick to this dish. Now after 30 minutes take your chicken and dip it in the blended mixture of eggs, now fully coat that chicken with flour and now dip it in buttermilk, repeat that process one more time and then deep fry that chicken in hot vegetable oil. When your chicken is golden brown take it out, now you have the juicy fried chicken but there is one main part which is left we now smoke this butter chicken with the smoker that we have this will add a lovely smoked flavor to our fried chicken.

    Now you have a juicy smoked butter chicken that you can present in front of your family or guests in New Year parties. For now, on you should know the importance of buttermilk in every recipe but more than that it will enhance the flavor of every smoked recipe that you try at home. It can also be used in most grill recipes for that you can read some grill reviews online. Mostly buttermilk is used in the chicken recipes to make it juicy and moist but you can also use it many vegetable recipes or fish recipes.